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(Opundia Ficus Indica)

The fig, also known as Tuna, or Chumbo Fig, is a fruit that comes from one of the many varieties of cacti that exist in Latin America, the Mediterranean countries and in other desert regions of the world. The fruit produced in Colombia is oval in shape, and the skin has some almost imperceptible thorns. When ripe, the color of the skin goes from green to orange-red. The flesh is juicy, soft, red/orange and contains many edible seeds. It is recommended that the to use gloves or some other protection to remove the skin of the fruit.


To remove the skin with ease, it is recommended to cut off the two ends of the fruit with a sharp knife and then peel it from top to bottom, to then take the pulp whole with the knife. It is ideal to consume directly, or to use it to prepare fruit cocktail, juices or salads.


  • Naturally fat free
  • Naturally Cholesterol free
  • Rich in vitamin C and fiber