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Pitahaya >> Pitahaya

(Hylocereus Triangularis)

The pitahaya is also known as dragon fruit. It belongs to the cactus family. The fruit has an oval shape with slight formations pointing outward. The skin is thick, soft and green, and yellows as it ripens. The pulp is grayish-white with countless small black, edible seeds. The flavor is very sweet, sweeter than that of the red pithaya.


You will know when the pitahaya is ripe because the fruit feels soft and it turns completely yellow. Unripe fruits may ripen at room temperature. Ripe fruits can be kept longer in the refrigerator. Pitahayas can be eaten fresh, dividing it into halves and scooping out the pulp with a spoon. It can also be cut into slices. Its skin is not edible. It is well known that pitahayas help facilitate digestion. If this effect is not desired, it is recommended not to chew the small black seeds inside it

  • Naturally fat free
  • Naturally Cholesterol free