Our Team

Our Team

Caribbean Exotics has a management team of 40 professionals and a workforce of approximately 200. Every employee is committed to our promise of providing the highest quality produce, which positively affects every stage, from harvesting on through to the selection process, packaging and finally transport to the destination. Our team is our most valuable asset, and as such Caribbean Exotics works hard to create a positive work environment and build relationships of trust and motivation in which the company core values are always present.
Our team works with passion and love what they do, showing commitment to self-betterment and the betterment of all those around them, and a positive attitude toward problem solving.
Some of our most important core corporate values are: kind and respectful treatment of customers and suppliers; trust; honesty; transparency and environmental awareness. We strive everyday to build a highly efficient work team with training and development opportunities in areas related to their job. It is our experience and trustworthiness that we wish to put in the service of all our customers and suppliers.



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Address: Vereda Cimarronas Km 1
Carretera vieja Rionegro - Marinilla
Rionegro - Colombia

Phone: 57-4 4489050

E-mail: carex@caribbeanexotics.com.co