Social impact

Our social impact program was founded in 2013 as an alliance between Caribbean Exotics and the Producers Association. Together, we are harvesting the future for production and commercialization of fruits under the Fair-Trade requirements, with 21 Uchuva producers.

From 2013 to 2019, the Producers Association has registered an increase of 545% in its income benefiting from the Fair-Trade premium of 2019. 300 families located in 5 strategic municipalities that produce Uchuva and Gulupa currently benefit from the program.

This income is invested in the community according to the following pillars:


Improvement of rural housing, basic sanitation, improvement of the rural road network and adaptations on farms to comply with the Fair-Trade criteria.
Rural housing improvement and basic sanitation
Road network improvement
Adaptation in farms with Fair Trade requirements


Delivery of Input Kits for Fair Trade crops and adaptations of farms to comply with good agricultural practices and food and nutritional security projects. Implementation of rotating funds for farmers affiliated with the association, so funds can be used and returned so other partners can benefit from it.
Crop Input kits
Adaptation of farms to achieve good agricultural practices
Food and nutrition security
Implementation of rotating funds


Soil and water conservation practices
Soil and water conservation

Health sector and working conditions

Delivery of personal protection equipment and healthy work schedules for farmers
Delivery of personal protection equipment
Healthy work schedules for farmers


University education aid for producers’ children, delivery of school kits for elementary school, delivery of uniforms and infrastructure improvements in educational centers located in the villages of La Onda (Municipality of Sonson), Vereda Guapante (Municipality Guarne) – Vereda el Coral, Santa Rita and San Nicolas (Municipality of San Vicente).
Aid for University
School kits and uniforms for elementary school
Improvement of educational centers

Thanks to the Fair-Trade program, a positive impact has been made on the community helping to maintain a social and environmental balance.