Cactus Fig

Cactus Fig

Cactus Fig

The Cactus Fig is a fruit that comes from one of the many varieties of cactus that exist in Latin-America, Mediterranean countries and in other desert regions of the world. The fruit produced in Colombia is oval-shaped and its skin has some very small almost unnoticeable spikes. When it is ripe the colour of its skin changes from green to orange/red. Its pulp is juicy, soft, red/orange in colour and has many edible seeds. The use of gloves or some type of protection is recommended when removing the skin from the fruit.

To easily remove the skin, first remove the two ends of the fruit with a sharp knife and then make a cut lengthwise from top to bottom, this will allow you to remove the whole pulp with the knife. The pulp can be eaten fresh, or be used to prepare fruit cocktails, juices or salads



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